Are you running a WordPress blog or project want to increase your commissions earned by advertising for Amazon? In this case our Amazon Affiliate for WordPress is just right for you! Our plugin allows you to advertise Amazon products as easy as possible. The affiliate links are generated automatically and already contain your tracking ID. This prevents losing revenue, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin - Features

Amazon Partner Networks
The following Amazon Partner Networks are supported and can be selected through the plugin settings: Germany, USA, UK, France, Japan, Italy, Canada, Spain, India & Brazil.
Your tracking ID shall be deposited in the plugin settings and automatically used in the generation of all affiliate links. Per shortcode you can specifically override the tracking ID in case you want to perform any kind of A / B testing.
Automated Data Retrieval
The product information such as name, description or current price are retrieved automatically via the Amazon Product Advertising API. Here, you can decide yourself how often the data is updated. This means no more worrying about manually updating your own prices or descriptions.
In order to reduce loading times, the plugin comes along with its own caching functionality. After retrieving product information they will be temporarily stored (everything except images) and delivered immediately on the next page visit. The caching duration can be adjusted via the plugin settings.
Price information (privacy policy)
According to the terms and conditions of Amazon Associates, there has to be an indication of timeliness for the displayed prices. With our Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin you are able to display the date/time of the recent price update automatically.

Easy to use with shortcodes

The integration of Amazon products could not be easier: all you need is the article number (ASIN / ISBN) and one of our shortcodes.
AAWP - Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin - Features Shortcode

Text links
With text links you can issue a specific product name inside your content. Here, the corresponding link and output name are generated automatically. The product name can be overwritten manually.
Product boxes
Do you want a specific Amazon product to be displayed in a single post or page? With one shortcode you can easily display one or more visually appealing product boxes. Features included in the product boxes are for example: title, description, current availability and prices, discounts and call-to-action buttons.
Bestseller (lists)
With the bestseller lists you can deliver a really strong selling reason to your visitors by listing the best-selling products to a specific product group or keyword. In addition, you have the ability to set the number of products individually: e.g. Top 3, Top 10 etc.
New Releases (lists)
What about attracting your visitor’s attention towards the latest products within a specific product group? Just like the bestseller lists, you have the ability to set the number rankings of the products themselves.
Using “Fields” you can place individual product information (such as the title, description, current price or buy button) anywhere in your posts / pages. These can also be used directly inside your templates files via the provided PHP functions.
In order to Integrate items into your sidebar, widgets are available to assist you. Here you can choose between the core functionality listed above. If you need more adjustments, you can alternatively place the shortcodes in a text widget (or Visual Composer) too.

If you want to see the plugin in action, be sure to check it out on our demo page.

Design and output customizable

The plugin comes along with different styles for the output and a wide range of additional customization options.

AAWP - Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin - Features - Plugin Settings Output

Different styles
From the start, you can choose between different styles: Standard, Light and Dark. Additionally it’s possible to custom the output via CSS. Therefore we prepared a handy box on the plugin settings page.
You can limit the number of characters appearing in the product title or determine the title itself. Additionally you can attach extra characters (such as an asterisk *), which gives you the ability to add a reference to affiliate links.
Product The Amazon API provides product descriptions in the form of a bullet list. You can adjust the total number of list items, and the number of characters per line (similar to the titles). In addition, you can use your own product description (incl. HTML formatting).
The output of the star rating and the total number of submitted reviews can be enabled/disabled via the plugin settings.
The sales price and possibly available price reductions can be hidden via the plugin settings. With the price reduction, you also have the choice to display the values as a percentage or in EUR/USD etc..
Amazon prime service
 For products which can be ordered as part of the Amazon Prime service, the Prime icon is displayed next to the selling price. This feature allows you to improve conversion and increase your commisions for new prime signups. However the prime logo can be disabled via the plugin settings.
Buy now & detail buttons
The appearance of the “Buy on Amazon” button can be customised: Choose between different styles and/or adjust the displayed text (changing completely or adding an asterix * for example). Additionally to the normal buy button you can add a second button, the socalled “Detail Button” which can be used to place custom links for reviews, internal/external urls etc.
 If you want a completely different presentation of the products, you can tweak them using integrated PHP templating. This means you still have the ability to make individual and specific changes – according to your needs – to the output of product boxes, lists, and widgets.

More questions, documentation and professional support

With Amazon Affiliate for WordPress you can integrate the Amazon Product Advertising API into your blog or project. For this, all you need is an Amazon account. How set up and configure the plugin correctly, you will find in our detailed documentation.

In addition, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions regarding installation, setup, and use.

AAWP - Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin - Features - Plugin Settings Support

In case you need any help regarding the installation, configuration or use of the plugin, feel free to create a support ticket. We will contact you as soon as possible, and find a solution to any of your problems.